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71 Ways to Save Money This Summer

We offer up 71 ways you can save money this summer. Most can be done from the safety of your home. So pick a financial goal and get to saving. You may be surprised how much money you can save by the holidays!

4 Meal Planning Mistakes that Could Be Costing You

Meal planning can be a time- and money-saving tool…if you use it correctly! We explore some meal planning mistakes that could be costing both time and money.

How to Create an Outdoor Room on a Budget

Want a beautiful outdoor space without overspending? Our frugal readers share their tips for creating an outdoor room that is both inviting and affordable.

7 Affordable Alternatives to Expensive Kids’ Extracurricular Activities

Are your kids’ extracurricular activities draining your wallet? These lower cost alternatives are just as fun and beneficial for your kids but much easier on your budget.

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When You're Really Late to Retirement Planning photo

Shop Back-to-School Sales for Fun, Frugal Christmas Gifts

With a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking during back-to-school sales, you can turn bargains for scholars into cool, yet frugal holiday gifts.
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7 Steps to Financial Security

Want to find financial security in an uncertain world for yourself and your family? The assurance that you’ll always have enough money? Then take these steps to financial security.
When You're Really Late to Retirement Planning photo

What a Spouse Should Know About Your Finances

Losing your spouse is challenging on its own, and that stress multiplies if you find you are in the dark about your family finances. Take these steps to make sure you both will be equally prepared for the future.

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