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8 Reasons You Don’t Have an Emergency Fund

So you don’t have an emergency fund. See if any of these common reasons people give for not having an emergency fund sound familiar to you. And decide whether they make good financial sense.

Minimize the Costs of Winter’s Chill With These Home Prep Steps

Is your house ready for cold temperatures? See if any of these easy-to-do inexpensive tasks can help keep your winter costs to a minimum. Just a little prep time this fall can save you money next spring.

Are You in Need of Financial Bypass Surgery?

It is important to get regular financial check-ups and monitor your financial health. If it’s been awhile, this quiz can tell you if your finances are in stable condition or in need of emergency assistance.

7 Frugal Homemade Cleanser Recipes

Frugal women have been coming up with DIY cleaning solutions for generations. You can still use these same frugal homemade cleanser recipes to clean your house for less.

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Living on a Tight Budget Successfully photo

How to Handle Furloughs and Temporary Income Reductions

Money can get tight when your employer makes you take unpaid furlough days. Our savvy frugal readers share tips for handling and preparing for furloughs and temporary income reductions.
Living on a Tight Budget Successfully photo

What You Need to Know Before You Buy Life Insurance

Here are some things you should know and consider before buying life insurance. Read this before making any decisions.
Living on a Tight Budget Successfully photo

Living on a Tight Budget Successfully

Are you struggling to get by while living on a tight budget? Here’s a system that can help you make ends meet when there’s usually more month than money.

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