8 Social Media Posts That Can Cost You

by Jeffrey Morris
Social Media Posts That Can Cost You photo

Are you compromising your personal security on social media? Think twice before sharing these eight types of posts so you can better protect yourself.

Social media allows us to connect the way people who lived in the 20th century couldn’t. The number of devices that can connect to the internet is increasing, as is the number of devices that can host social media apps. It is good to tweet and share on Facebook and Snapchat, etc. However, there are times that simple actions can compromise a person’s personal security.

When you post on social media, be careful what you share with your friends and the public. It may come back to hurt you. Here are eight social media posts that can cost you.

1. Posting about your vacation

After saving up for your vacation, it is understandable that you may be tempted to express your excitement on social media. When you go to big vacation destinations, the feeling of fulfillment might tempt you to share some pictures.

The downside of this action is that vandals and thieves take your vacation pictures as a sign of well living.

The fact that you are also not physically at home might just make you an ideal target for a home break-in. Do not be tempted to post comments about your vacation.

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2. Data tied to your financial information

When you are on social media, it isn’t wise to give up information relating to your finances. It is never a good idea to post your home address, telephone number, mother’s maiden name, social security number, etc. Hackers can easily put this information together, and before you know it, somebody is applying for credit cards in your name.

3. Posting about your location

Not only can posting about your location give you away easily and allow almost anyone to track you down, but also posting about your location is an indication of where you are not located at the moment.

When you tweet that you are at the airport, it tells people that you are not at home or in the office. Posting information about your location may make you fall prey to organized theft.

4. Pictures depicting irresponsibility

It is a fact that recruiters and employers browse through social media profiles to determine the eligibility of job applicants. Nude pictures or pictures showing you consuming alcohol and smoking contrabands are definitely going to hurt your ability to get a job. Keep such pictures private.

5. Information about work-related projects

It is essential that you are cautious about what you post regarding your work-related projects. An innocent status update about you missing a deadline could provide valuable information to your competitors. This information could be leveraged against your company. This is the reason why some companies and employers forbid their employees from using social media sites at work.

6. Comments containing password hints

Most websites that are password protected require a password hint in case you forget your password. It is essential that you refrain from commenting about objects that are related to your password hints.

If your pet name is your password hint, then you should not mention your pet’s name on social media. Hackers and identity thieves are usually on the prowl for this type of information, and they know when you have accidentally taken the bait.

7. That you are having a party

Refrain from posting details about your party on social media. If you do, you may get more guests than your budget can handle. Moreover, you stand the risk of disrupting your party in its entirety by way of a security threat.

8. New acquisitions

It is common for people to post pictures of items they just acquired. Burglars and thieves would be better motivated to pay you a visit when they know you’ve just bought a new car and it’s value.

Reviewed November 2022

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