Did COVID Clutter Your Home?

by Shaunna Privratsky
More Ime at Home Means More Clutter photo

Is COVID cluttering your home? More time at home means more clutter. And clutter can be costly. Get your clutter under control with these tips.

The past two years threw us a lot of curveballs. Maybe you’ve gotten a handle on some things, but clutter may have taken over your home, your office and your sanity.

Clutter can be overwhelming. It can be costly, too if you are constantly buying more stuff to replace something you already have, but can’t find.

The more you’re at home, the more important it is to be able to find things easily and quickly. Here are several ways to corral the clutter and take back your life, without spending a fortune.

Organize Your Shopping

You used to go to the store a few times a week or dash to the supermarket if you forgot an ingredient for supper. Now we are relying more and more on online shopping, curbside pickup, and delivery. This can be expensive and time consuming if you aren’t careful. A good way to combat disorganization is to pick one or two days a week to do your shopping.

Most stores let you create an online base list to which you can add items as needed. Sometimes delivery is free, so schedule it when you will be home. Another option is to order online, then pick up at the store. This is minimal contact for safety and convenience. No more waiting in line to pay! You can still use coupons and look for sale items as you shop.

If you still need to shop in person, look over the store’s ad online. Then you know exactly what is on sale, and you can get in, shop and get out in less time. A list is essential, ideally listed in the order of the store’s aisles. Self check-out is the best option, and watch for the staff to clean the machines between customers.

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Organize Your Home Office

Having a clutter-free office or work zone is even more important, especially if you’ve been working from home for months. Besides creating a clean, calm space, eliminating clutter makes it easier to get your work done. Plus you don’t have to hide stuff before Zoom calls!

Cut down on the stacks and piles of paper by organizing them. At least twice a year, go through and file or shred everything. Better yet, make an In and Out basket. When mail comes in, put it in the In basket, file it or throw it out. You will never miss a payment again!

Make your space inviting. Paint the walls, put up attractive storage bins, shelves, or wall files to keep everything neat. Put the items you use most close by, and store the lesser used items elsewhere. Drawer organizers help keep clutter at bay, or make your own with paint sticks and plastic containers from The Dollar Store.

Organize Your Living Space

What if you are running out of space? You feel like you are ready to climb the walls! Instead of moving, eliminate the clutter and make more space.

First, look at your furniture. There are probably many small pieces and knick-knacks cluttering every room. Take away anything that isn’t necessary or being used. Now look at what is left.

You can freshen up tired furniture with a slipcover or just a pretty sheet. Tables and shelves can be re-stained or painted for a new look. You can swap out your pictures for new ones, or switch up art and furniture from other room. Bring your patio furniture inside for a new dining room. Put the matching end tables downstairs and find fun pieces that double as storage. A 6-shelf unit takes up as much floor space as a 3-shelf unit. Cabinets are attractive and come in all sizes and styles, plus they hide a multitude of clutter.

Organize Your Storage Spaces

What if you still need more room? Look for unexpected storage! In the closets, look for unused space up high. Add a shelf above a doorway. Put items that aren’t used as much there. Look low and create shoe racks or a low shelf to keep everything neat. It is way easier to grab a pair of shoes without hunting through a big pile every day.

In the bedrooms, create more storage space with bed risers. Flat boxes, old drawers or containers keep everything neat but easily accessible. Add a bed skirt or flat sheet hanging down to keep it out of sight.

Clutter doesn’t have to control you. Organize and eliminate extra stuff to tame clutter and enjoy a cleaner, calmer life.

Reviewed December 2021

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Shaunna Privratsky became an expert in personal finance out of necessity. Between writing, reading and gardening, she is always on the lookout for bargains. Visit her at The Discount Diva.

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