Cleaning Tar Off Of Vinyl Siding Inexpensively

by Reader Contributors

Cleaning Tar from Vinyl Siding Inexpensively photo

Has a roofing repair left tar stuck to your home’s siding? Our frugal readers share effective methods of cleaning tar off of vinyl siding inexpensively.

Dear Dollar Stretcher,
What will clean tar from white vinyl siding? Roofers tossed the old roofing off and some streaks got on the siding.

Do you or any of your readers have inexpensive ideas on cleaning vinyl siding?

Need Petroleum Product

The only way to remove tar from siding is by using a petroleum product.

If I were you, I would have the roofing company replace the siding on your house where the tar is. If they can’t replace just a few pieces due to color change, they may have to reside the whole side of your home so it looks the same.

Try WD-40®

WD-40® cleaned tar from several pairs of jeans, and it removes goo from just about any hard surface. I’d give it a try!

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Cola for Cleaning Vinyl Siding? Really?

My in-laws drove a rented camper through fresh road tar and ended up using cola to get it off! They were looking at automotive products when someone suggested that they try the cola. Since it was a fraction of the price of the products, they figured it was as good a place to start as any.

Well, they poured on the cola, and my father-in-law said that the tar just slid off the side of the camper (which was made of something similar to siding). You might want to try the cola as well.

Another WD-40® Proponent

It is actually a solvent, not a lubricant as many people think, and dissolves rust on things like nuts and bolts. It will also clean paintbrushes used for oil-based paints and stains and get oil and grease off hands.

As always, with any new method, test on a small, inconspicuous area.
Veronica in Central NY

Get Roofers to Fix Their Mistake

If the roofers did it, contact them and tell them to submit it to their insurance for replacement of damaged siding.

Do the Job with Lestoil®

Lestoil Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleanser® cuts tar. Apply to a small area before trying it on a large area. Then rinse with soapy water. Lestoil® also cleans grease, oil, and ink from items. This is especially good for clothes that have oil spots or when a ball point pen gets into your dryer!

Not Just for Hands…

Waterless hand cleaner works for me every time I get tar or creosote on anything.

Fix the Goof with Goof Off®

Goof Off® will get it off. Or try the bug and tar remover you can get for cars.
Suzie in Seattle

Reviewed August 2021

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