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Small Things That Can Make Your Life Brighter

by Veronica Bowman

Little luxuries and small treats can mean a lot when you’re struggling financially. When you’re feeling down about your financial situation, add a little pizzazz to your life and your outlook with something from this list.

When you are struggling to live on a tight budget, it is important to keep a positive attitude. One way to lift your spirit is to add a little pizzazz to your life. With just a little creativity, you can add pizzazz to your home decor, your wardrobe, and your table.

Add Pizzazz to Your Home

You can add pizzazz to your home by exploring the numerous home decor items available at dollar stores and thrift stores in your area. These stores have an abundant variety of items that can liven up a room. Here are a few very inexpensive suggestions for ways to liven up your interior decor.

  • Spend $1 or less on a picture frame. Find a picture online that’s beautiful and uplifting, print it, frame it, and display it in your home.
  • Buy an assortment of candles and arrange them in a variety of ways to create an inviting atmosphere in a room.
  • Dollar stores have lots of towels to select from. Just a new set of towels hanging in the kitchen or bathroom can change the appearance of a room.
  • Put some new throw pillows or a new accent rug in a room.
  • Purchase a plaque with an inspiring quote on it.

Add Pizzazz to Your Wardrobe

You can also find items at a dollar store, thrift store, or yard sale that will add pizzazz to your wardrobe. Here are a few suggestions for ways to add pizzazz to your wardrobe.

  • Purchase some new accessories for your hair.
  • Buy a couple of pieces of inexpensive jewelry to enhance your wardrobe.
  • You can use an assortment of bows, ribbons, and buttons to give old clothing a new look.
  • Scarves, socks, and hats are minimally priced items that can add pizzazz to your wardrobe.

Add Pizzazz to Meals

Preparing meals on a budget requires some creativity. You don’t want each meal to be dull and boring. However, adding a lot of extras to the grocery list would damage the budget. There are several ways to keep mealtime interesting without overextending your grocery budget.

  • Check the markdown section of the grocery store for items that are new to your family. You can often find items that you could not ordinarily afford reduced enough for you to buy them and stay within your budget.
  • Spices add pizzazz to almost any recipe. You can find affordable spices at dollar stores. Or, you can grow some of your own herbs to use as seasoning. Adding home grown herbs is the most economical way to spice up a recipe.
  • Serve a meal on different plates. If you keep special dinnerware stored for special events, take it out and use it on an ordinary day. Or, buy a few inexpensive, colorful plates to add variety to your table.
  • Add some fruit to some of your recipes to liven up the flavor.
  • If you find a good deal on a tablecloth or place mats, they can certainly add pizzazz to your table.

Pizzazz for Your Family

Living on a tight budget affects the whole family. An occasional treat will help keep everyone a little more positive. It is important to remember that little things can and do mean a lot and there are even more ways to add pizzazz to your world without shattering your budget. The list could go on indefinitely, but just a short list should wake up your creative mind.

  • A small toy, stuffed animal, doll, or book could brighten the mood of almost any child.
  • A humorous or romantic coffee cup or card could make your mate’s day a little better.
  • Buying a $1 toy for your cat or dog can provide many moments of uplifting laughter for everyone.
  • Grow some flowers. Cut them to create a bouquet for your dining table, bedroom, or family room.
  • Create a family bulletin board where family members can leave uplifting notes for each other.
  • Plant a kitchen herb garden.

Keeping your home attractive, your wardrobe interesting, and your meals exciting is not all that difficult to do, even when the budget is tight. Once you begin finding inexpensive ways to add pizzazz to your world, you will begin to discover new ways and new resources that will keep your creative mind busy and your outlook positive.

Reviewed April 2019

Little Luxuries

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Little Luxuries

Subscribe to The Dollar Stretcher, our free weekly newsletter aimed at helping you live better for less on the money you already have!

Subscribers get a copy of our ebook Little Luxuries: 130 Ways to Live Better...For Less for FREE!

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