Cheap Tips for Removing Grass Stains from Denim

by Reader Contributors

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Yes, you can probably salvage those stained jeans! Our frugal readers share cheap tips for removing grass stains from denim and and other clothing.

Dear Dollar Stretcher,
Do your readers have any home remedies for removing grass stains from denim? I didn’t change into my “yard work clothes” and got grass stains on my favorite blue jeans. Ugh!
Donna E.

Not Just for Dishes

Original Dawn dish soap is a wonderful stain/spot remover. I keep a small bottle of it near my washer and take care of the stains as soon as I see them. Sometimes you can even get out old stains that have been set in the fabric.

Pine Is Powerful

I suggest that you use brand name Pine-Sol and a plastic bristled brush.

I once washed and dried a tube of lipstick, and it was all over everyone’s jeans. I soaked them overnight in the tub with the pine cleaner and water. The next morning I scrubbed them all with a little more cleaner on the brush. I re-washed all the jeans and the stains were gone.

Generic or off brand pine cleaners don’t contain enough pine oil to work sufficiently.

Add a Little Oxygen

Soak the jeans in an oxygen-type stain remover like OxiClean and laundry detergent.

When my son played football (team pants were white), they couldn’t be washed with regular bleach because of being made of spandex and this is what we used to wash them weekly.

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Removing Grass Stains with Fels-Naptha

Fels-Naptha soap rubbed on the stain before washing will take the grass stains right out.

Try This Color-Safe Stain Remover

A fantastic color-safe stain remover is Lestoil It’s not sold in many stores, but I have been able to get Ace Hardware to order it for me, or you can get it from their website. It is a great laundry cleaner.

Removed Grass Stains from Baseball Pants

You are not going to believe this, but the only thing I found that ever worked for me is Prell shampoo. Buy the original green Prell. It comes in a green plastic bottle and all you do is put in on the grass stains and they come out.

I learned this when my son wore white baseball pants when he played all summer. It works. I guarantee it!

Reviewed August 2021

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