How to Have Younger Looking Eyes Without Paying for Surgery

by Joni Lambert
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Do you wish you could erase the subtle signs of aging around your eyes? Here are some of the numerous over-the-counter, at-home remedies to help you enjoy a more youthful appearance around your eyes without breaking the bank.

Many women long to have younger looking eyes.

As the years pass, the skin around our eyes can start to show our age by developing lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Medical procedures promise results, but they can run hundreds to thousands of dollars. Thankfully, there’s no need to take this affront to our appearance lying down.

Here are some suggestions that may help turn back the clock around your eyes.

Beta carotene and Vitamin A are essential to eye health

Beta carotene is necessary for proper eye function. It may also assist your body in repairing damaged skin tissues. It also assists the body in creating Vitamin A. A diet rich in beta carotene has been shown to slow down the aging process.

Emily Chew, Deputy Clinical Director at the National Eye Institute says, “Vitamin A is really important. There’s no question about that,” She explains that Vitamin A helps eyes to convert light in such a way that it can be transmitted to the brain, enabling us to see when light is low. Foods such as carrots, lettuce, spinach and pumpkin contain high amounts of beta carotene, but you may wish to include a daily dietary supplement to help.

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Quality sunglasses protect your eyes

When purchasing sunglasses, make sure that they have UV protection built in. This not only prevents your eyes from being exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun, but will also prevent squinting, which is known to cause wrinkles around the eyes. Finding a sunscreen that is safe for use around eyes is also recommended.

Stop smoking for younger looking eyes states that “Smoking can speed up the normal aging process of your skin, contributing to wrinkles.” The nicotine in cigarettes constricts blood vessels, making it harder for the body to absorb nutrients. Additionally, smoking has been shown to lessen the skin’s ability to produce collagen, a protein in the skin that helps maintain firmness and elasticity.

Anti-aging eye products

Many of today’s creams and potions are actually high tech skin care. Products containing peptides, for example, can help rejuvenate the skin and retain moisture more effectively. Be sure to only use products around the eyes specifically created for that region of the face to insure that you avoid irritation. When applying product on the skin around your eyes, you should be very gentle. This skin is considerably thinner than the rest of your facial skin and being too rough can actually accelerate the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Use mascara wisely

Eyes are an entry portal for a variety of infections. Eyelashes serve as protection and a line of defense against debris falling into your eyes. However, long, dark eyelashes help define our eyes and make them look younger. It is recommended that mascaras be replaced every three months to avoid the buildup of unhealthy bacteria. It is also recommended to remove eye makeup prior to sleep to maintain healthy eyes and skin.

Eyebrows highlight younger looking eyes

Well-defined eyebrows with a brow arch can lift your eyes in an instant. Make sure not to over-pluck brows, as the appearance of thinning brows adds years to one’s appearance. Over-plucked brows are also an out-of-style look. Several cosmetic products are available to help shape and define eye brows, including pencils, powders, and permanent colors to dye graying brows to their more youthful state.

Young looking eye makeup

Using makeup on and around eyes can work wonders when applied properly. However, when applied the wrong way, they can have the opposite effect and make us look older. For instance, avoid the temptation to overuse concealer under the eyes. While dark circles can be bothersome, too much concealer will actually crease with your normal facial movements, giving the appearance of wrinkles or emphasizing existing lines. Sticking with matte shades of eye shadow tends to be more flattering to aging eyes, as opposed to shimmering shades that emphasize lines and wrinkles.

While more extreme, expensive measures, such as surgeries or other medical procedures, are available for those of us frustrated with aging skin, in today’s world, there are numerous over-the-counter, at-home remedies to help us enjoy a more youthful appearance around our eyes without breaking the bank.

Reviewed September 2021

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