Affordable Facial Cleansing Cloth Alternatives

by Reader Contributors

Affordable Facial Cleansing Cloth Alternatives photo

Love facial cleansing cloths but hate the cost? Try one of these cheaper facial cleansing cloth alternatives that will keep your skin looking it’s best without breaking your beauty budget.

Dear Dollar Stretcher,
What can I use in place of expensive face cleansing cloths?

I love the way they make me look, but can’t afford them. What choices do I have?

Clean and Exfoliate with Baking Soda

To really clean and exfoliate your face, add a couple teaspoons of baking soda to a squirt of your favorite liquid facial cleanser, and rub this into your face. Start gently until you get a sense of what pressure works best. Rinse with lots of warm water. I do this in the shower. You don’t need to use an expensive cleanser either. A baby wash will do. You will be amazed at how clean and glowing your skin will look. Also, your pores will appear smaller.

Remove Makeup with Baby Wipes

Baby wipes make awesome makeup remover cloths. I usually find mine at a dollar store!

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Cut Them in Fourths

I, too, enjoy using the facial cleansing cloths. When I purchase a new box of cloths, I cut them into fourths while watching TV or talking on the phone. There is plenty of cleanser in a quarter of a cloth to adequately clean my face and the package lasts four times as long.

This is something I have been doing for years and have found this to work well with any brand, including house brand, of facial cleansing cloths.

Save Facial Cleansing Cloths for Evening

Inexpensive baby wipes are a great frugal alternative to facial cleansing cloths. Try various brands until you find one with a texture, scent and price you like. I found some great wipes at Wal-Mart that were soft, thick, and cheap.

If you prefer the type you wet and lather, try cutting them into smaller pieces. I purchased a store brand, which came folded in fourths. After trying them the first time, I realized that they had way more cleanser than I needed, so I sat down one evening while watching TV and cut each cloth into quarters, following the fold lines, and stacked them back into the container they came in. One piece was perfect for a refreshing morning wash, and in the evening, I’d use two for more thorough makeup removal. So on most days, I only used 3/4 of a cloth total for both morning and evening, instead of two whole cloths.

Of course, whichever type of cloths you prefer, you’ll save money by keeping the original container and purchasing refill packs.

You might also consider saving the facial cleansing cloths for the evening. In the morning, there’s no need for heavy-duty cleansing, so try lathering your face along with your body while showering or just use a quick swipe of toner on a cotton ball.

You can also use a regular facial cleanser instead and still have the convenience. L’Oreal makes one with a silicone “scrublet” that pops right onto the bottle. Or purchase a pack of thin, cheap washcloths and your cleanser of choice. It’s just as quick and convenient to toss the cloth into the hamper as it is to throw a disposable in the trash.

Simply a Cleanser and a Cloth Needed

Use your regular face wash or soap and a face cloth. The exfoliation from the cloth seems to be what makes the skin feel so good.

Start with Hot, End with Cold

I like to use hot water to open my pores and a washcloth with Dove on it for scrubbing. Then I rinse with cold water.

Reviewed April 2021

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