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Are you looking for a frugal living or personal finance writer who can write over-done topics with a fresh twist? That will entice both readers and search engines?

I’m Andrea Norris-McKnight, editor and writer for TheDollarStretcher.com and After50finances.com websites. And I love writing about ways to live better for less. Topics I cover include:

  • frugal living
  • personal finance
  • home & auto
  • lifestyle

I believe in entertaining, informative, fluff-free, easy-to-digest, error-free text that is both reader and SEO-friendly. Below are some samples of my work. If you’d like to discuss hiring me to write content for your blog or website, email me at andrea @ thedollarstretcher dot com for more information or to schedule a call.

The Upside of Forced Frugality photo

The Upside of Forced Frugality

Has the pandemic and economic slowdown forced you into frugality to make ends meet? The transition may be tough, but consider the upside. You’re developing frugal habits that can help you survive these tough times and thrive when your financial situation improves.

The Unexpected Costs of Dog Ownership photo

The Unexpected Costs of Dog Ownership

Don’t let a new dog put you in the financial doghouse. Consider these unexpected costs of dog ownership before deciding that your family can afford to add a furry four-footed friend to the family budget.

Excuses We Make for Not Having a Will photo

4 Excuses We Make for Not Having a Will

We explore the common excuses people make for not having a will and one good reason just about everyone has for getting a will drawn up now.

Costly Mistakes Bargain Shoppers Make photo

9 Costly Mistakes Many Bargain Shoppers Make

Is bargain shopping costing you more money than it is saving you? See if you’re making any of these common bargain shopping mistakes and find out what steps you can take to make sure that all that spending is actually saving you money.

Vacation Planning That Won't Break Your Budget photo

Vacation Planning That Won’t Break Your Budget

Taking a vacation that you can’t afford won’t provide a whole lot of rest and relaxation if you’re stressed about how you’re going to pay for it after the fact. This year, take these steps to plan a vacation that leaves you refreshed instead of in debt.

Easy Ways to Build Emergency Fund on Tight Budget photo

Easy Steps to Building an Emergency Fund on a Tight Budget

Creating an emergency fund is one of the smartest financial gifts you can give yourself. Start with these easy ways to save up an emergency fund, even on an already tight budget, and get started saving today!

DIY Auto Maintenance for the Frugal Car Owner photo

DIY Auto Maintenance for the Frugal Car Owner

Perhaps you don’t have to pay someone else to keep your car running smoothly. See how many of these simple auto maintenance tasks you can learn to perform yourself and how much money it can likely save you.

Money-Saving Tactics for Busy People photo

Money-Saving Tactics for Busy People

It is a misconception that saving money has to be time-consuming. Even the busiest of us can find efficient, effective ways to improve the budget with these tips.

When You Can't Keep Up with Expensive Friends photo

When You Can’t Keep Up with Expensive Friends

Does it seem your friends always have money to burn when you don’t? Friendships nor fun should have to cost a fortune. Try these frugally fun ideas when you can’t keep up with your expensive friends.

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