How to kill roaches

Killing Roaches

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Killing Roaches

I have found a solution for getting rid cockroaches. It is cheap and very effective. Put boric acid around the inside of every cabinet you own, especially the ones that have any plumbing. The roaches carry this powder off on their legs and lick it off like fleas do and this kills them. I have used this everywhere I have lived from the north to the south and it works immediately.
Becky in Oklahoma

Easy Way to Kill Roaches

Living in Florida, bugs are quite normal and a force to be contended with. Unfortunately, even the cleanest housekeeper encounters the occasional critter. Recently, when reaching for a can a bug spray, all I could find was spray cleaner, which was better than nothing. To my surprise, it worked. It killed the roach and left minimal cleanup, since it was cleanser to start with. Now that's all I use when I see a roach somewhere in the house. This cuts down on the need for several cans of expensive bug spray to be close at hand.
Karen B.

Killing Roaches with Sweets

Take a can of sweetened condensed milk and mix as much as you need with bread crumbs to form a soft paste. Add about 1 - 2 tablespoons of boric acid and mix well. Spread on wall or in nooks and crannies or cabinets where you notice the bugs. Be careful of spots where children or pets could get to it.

The bugs only like this stuff when it is "fresh." If you make too much, it won't usually work if you keep it for several days, so be careful on the quantity you make. As you notice your little dabs disappear, make more and re-apply until bugs are gone.

Killing With Combat

Combat makes a tube that looks like huge injection needle. It is in K-mart, Wal-Mart and most grocery stores. Run it in a line around the sink area in the kitchen and bath. I also pulled out the stove and refrigerator and ran it along the baseboard behind them.

I had roaches in my brand new mobile home. I know it wasn't from being dirty because I'm not. And I tried everything to get rid of them and it got very, very expensive. I had bought everything on the market and had exterminators coming in to spray.

Finally, I mentioned it to my neighbor and she told me about Combat. It worked so fast, in about three days, that I would never use anything else.

Effortless Killing of Roaches

Take a glass jar and put some peanut butter in the bottom of the jar. Put vegetable oil around the inside lip of the jar. Use a good smear to make it nice and slippery. The roaches smell the peanut butter, go in after it and can't get out. They slip and fall back in the jar again. When the jar has a few in it, cap it off with the lid and put it in the sun to kill them. Then throw the whole lot in the garbage. This will effectively reduce the population in a short time as even if they lay egg cases while they are dying as they do with traps, etc., it is all contained in the jar.

Killing Roaches a Different Way

I just heard this on the radio. Mix two tablespoons of Tabasco with a quart of water and spray to get rid of roaches!

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