How to get cheap relief from insect bites

Cheap Insect Bite Relief

Natural Insect Bite Relief

We use vinegar for ant (fire ants especially), mosquito and bug bites. We have tried all the other home remedies and vinegar works the best for my money. We pour the vinegar (white or apple cider) on a paper towel or wash cloth and hold on the bite. The swelling and burning or itching completely disappears after a few minutes. The smell disappears soon afterwards.
Tammy R from Lakeland, FL

Insect Bite Relief on a Budget

I thought readers would be interested in this tip to treat insect bites or any other itch. I use Numzident ointment. Just a small amount rubbed on the bite will relieve the itch in just a few seconds. I just shared this tip with a friend who is a nurse and she informed me that since it is Novocain, it will also reduce the histamine effect to keep the bite from becoming a big pain later. This also works on rashes. A small tube lasts a very long time and it is a lot cheaper and more effective than all the anti-itch products on the market.
Marge G.

Cheap Insect Bite Relief

Apply a hot wet cloth (as hot as you can stand it without burning) to the bite. You can dab it until it feels too hot. Then remove it. Then dab it again until the itch is gone. The swelling, redness and itching go away instantly, and stay gone. I get bites that swell up like welts and this always works. It has even worked on flea bites, which my daughter is allergic to. I don't know how it works, but it really does.

Insect Bite Relief is in Your Baby Bag

Everyone with toddlers usually keeps Baby Orajel or even the adult kind with them in the baby bag. I even get the store brand because it's just as good. It stops the itch and sting from a mosquito bite, ant bite, or wasp sting. It numbs the area just as it does the gums. It is safe, cheap, and effective. This also cuts down on the amount of stuff you have to carry with you in the baby bag or in the car!
Elizabeth H.

Itching Insect Bite Relief

Last year, I used a tip on itching bite relief that I found on your site, using Listerine. A friend, desperate for relief, put some on a tissue and held it to the bite for 15 seconds. Next thing I knew I became the "hero of relief." She doesn't think I'm crazy anymore and it is very cheap.
Lisa G.

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