Buying Power Tools

Cheap Power Tools: Where to Shop?

Do you or any of your readers know of any place to buy power tools at a discount? My son does construction and asked for a Milwaukee sawsall for Christmas, but the price is very high at the home improvement stores. I would appreciate any help.
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Cheap Power Tools: Contractor Advice

Discount tools is a tricky subject. Sometimes you get what you pay for. As a contractor I know what it is like to have to re-purchase tools time and time again due to theft, breakage, lost, and / or "misplaced". I have tried pawn shops, but you have to be careful never pay over 65% of retail price for a decent tool. Mail order, believe it or not, is a pretty good source: Harbor Freight and NorthernTool are great vendors. Rebuild/warranty shops are good sources too. I personally prefer Dewalt tools; they last if not stolen. I have junked a lot of Milwaukees and Skil tools. The Dewalt take a licking and keep on ticking so to speak.

Cheap Power Tools: As Close As Your Newspaper

Why not check out the classifieds for tools? Quite often there will be listings for slightly used power tools that you can pick up for a lot cheaper than the new prices at home improvement stores. My husband picked up a good scroll saw this way. If it works, chances are it's still in good condition, since most of the time I think these things just sit on the shelf (that's why they're being sold).

Cheap Power Tools: Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight company has discount tools. They also have a web site with a good clearance section and an ongoing auction.

Cheap Power Tools: Pawn Shops

Try local pawn shops if it doesn't have to be new. Or consider giving a gift certificate for part of the cost. This way he can pick out his own tools, while financing part of the cost himself.

Cheap Power Tools: Factory Reconditioned Tools

You could consider buying factory reconditioned tools at a great discount. I bought my husband a Dewalt drill which was factory reconditioned. It was substantially less than what I would have paid for it new at the store.

Cheap Power Tools: Great Prices

My husband says these folks have great prices. Call before you order to get the most current price, which may be lower than the catalog. Can't be the freight!

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