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Self-Watering Solutions for a Vertical Garden

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Self-Watering Solutions for a Vertical Garden

My problem with vertical gardening is that I don't know how to find a watering system for when I am away from home for several weeks. Does anyone have any affordable suggestions? I would greatly appreciate advice about that.

Two Possibilities to Consider

Here are a couple of possibilities. If you have a sprinkler system installed, then add two pieces of regular hose to a piece of drip hose that is positioned at the top of your vertical garden. The regular hose pieces can be covered by dirt, and when they climb the wall, they must be attached and perhaps hidden. That way, the water will reach the drip hose but not be a constant watering where not needed. The other is to just position one of your sprinkler jets aiming for the top of your vertical garden and let gravity do the rest.

Wick the Water to Where It's Needed

For watering my plants on a shelf or floor when I go away, I use a "wick" with one end stuck down in the dirt near the stem and the other end in a jar of water. For a wick, I cut the thick selvage edge or end of an old towel, soaked in water before using. It never fails to keep the plant watered as long as there's water in the jar. Perhaps you can find a way to hang a jar. Good luck!
Phylis in Charles Town, WV

Watering Plants in Your Absence

Here is a way of watering plants in your absence:

  1. Mount a container of water above your plants. Insert lengths of string into the bucket of water, anchoring them to the bottom.
  2. Make sure that that there is one length of string per plant pot. If you have one large "grow bag," you will need a few lengths of string for the whole bag.
  3. Carefully insert the other end of each string into the soil around your plant.
  4. If necessary, put a lid on your bucket of water with a hole in the middle for your string to emerge. This will prevent the water from evaporating or becoming soiled. Over time, the water in the bucket will soak along the string and down into the soil around your plants.


Put In a Drip System

Set up a drip system with a timer. Everything you'll need is available at Lowes or Home Depot. This will work like a charm.

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