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Keep Dogs Out of Your Flower Beds Naturally

by Pam Hutzler

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    Bad Dog!

    It can be downright irritating to have dogs visit your beautiful flower beds that you've worked so hard to nurture and grow. It's bad enough to have your own dog claim a previously off-limits spot, but it's utterly maddening when it's a neighbor's dog or even a stray invading your treasured space. So what's a concerned gardener to do? Whether they're digging holes in your flower bed or using it as a communal privy, here are several tips and tricks to repel dogs and keep them out of your flower bed naturally.

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    Keep It Poky!

    It's not surprising that dogs don't like to get poked! When you prune back your roses, save the twigs and scatter them around the bed. Dogs learn fast. If they get poked a few times, they'll quickly learn to leave your bed alone. No roses to prune? Trimmings from holly bushes also work well.

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    Some Like It Hot... But Dogs Don't!

    Look for a place locally that sells spices in bulk. Here's where you begin your quest. Search out spices that make your eyes water when you open the bin. Black pepper, cayenne pepper, powdered mustard, and crushed dried peppers all make excellent options. After making your purchase, spread liberally around your flower bed. After getting a nose full, the offending dog will likely go away unhappy.

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    Keep Them Out With Water

    Take back your garden with the help of water. Dogs don't care for showers. Whether the shower comes in the form of a well-timed hose or a motion-activated sprinkler system, you'll quickly become master of your garden domain when the dogs come in contact with the unwelcome shower.

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    Ward Them Off With Mothballs

    Let's face it... Mothballs just plain stink! And dogs hate them. Sprinkle crushed mothballs liberally around the perimeter of flower beds to keep digging dogs at bay. It may take away from the sweet smell of your flowers, but don't be discouraged because the smell will dissipate when it rains. You may need to repeat until the offending dog is broken of its habit.

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    Spray Mouthwash Around Perimeter

    A mothball isn't the only thing dogs hate to smell. Dogs also hate the smell of antiseptic mouthwash, such as Listerine. Many dogs are sensitive to this odor and will stay away from areas that smell of it. Be sure to buy a store brand since the name brand can be pricey.

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    Say Goodbye to Doggie Mess

    If you know the owner of the dog that frequents your flower bed, perhaps a well-timed and well-executed conversation would be your best option. Keeping your temper in check, just explain what the dog is doing and see if they offer help. Yes, you may come across the occasional uncooperative dog owner, and in that situation, perhaps a call to the local police or animal rescue would be in order. But, more than likely, you'll find an apologetic owner willing to rectify the situation.

    If you continue your search beyond this slideshow, you're likely to find a multitude of ways to engage in this battle. Sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll lose. As you get ready for a new growing season, always seek a natural solution first.

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