Are hard floor cleaners worth the cost?

Buying a Hard Floor Cleaner

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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We have tile and laminate flooring throughout our home. We also have two small children and a dog. So you can guess how often I clean our floors. I'm thinking that I'd like to get a hard floor cleaner. They run from about $100 to $200. Can anyone share whether they're worth the money? Do they really do a better job than mopping the floor? And which features do I need? When I look up hard floor or tile cleaners, I find that different models have different features. What things are important?

Three Steps to Clean Floors

To easily clean hardwood, laminate or tile floors, please have a broom, a microfiber padded mop, and a spray bottle filled with 95% distilled white vinegar and 5% water.

1. Sweep floor.
2. Spray vinegar mixture liberally onto the floor.
3. Mop your way to clean, germ-free floors!

Love My Scooba!

I use a Scooba to clean my kitchen and hall tile floors. Scooba is made by iRobot. I have two cats of my own, three foster kittens, and a German Shepherd. I don't like mopping floors and this works great. You can do it once a week, once a month, or more often. Instead of using the costly floor cleaner they suggest to use, I use a mixture of vinegar and water. It works great. The Scooba is not cheap, but if you shop around, you can find one fairly inexpensive. To me, it is definitely worth the purchase.

Worth Every Penny

We have 7 rooms of tile in our home and finally broke down and bought a Hoover FloorMate Deluxe on sale. What a great investment! I cannot believe how much cleaner my floors are compared to mopping. I buy the Hoover cleaning solution that they make for the machine but only use half the amount recommended and one bottle lasts me for a number of months. I cannot speak for how it works on laminate but I imagine I would love it just the same, especially since it sucks up the water so there is no worry of the floor staying wet and warping. For a small amount of tile or laminate flooring, I do not think I can say the expense would be worth it, but for several rooms, you will be so thankful you made the purchase.

A Steam Mop Does the Job

I have a steam mop, which is really easy and wonderful to use on tile and laminate floors. When using it on a wood floor, you have to be sure the floor is sealed with a polyurethane sealer to protect it. Ours is protected that way.

I use the steam mop because it dries very fast on all the floors, so wood floors have less chance of warping. I feel like it gets them cleaner as well and you are using only water so it is safe for the kiddos and pooch. My extended family who visit us frequently, has dogs, so the steam mop is really handy, fast to heat up, and easy to use.

For harder spills, I clean it with a brush and spray cleaner before I steam the floor. I did that before when I mopped floors. I mopped wood floors in the past and noticed how easy it was to dry them out and had to refinish them more often.

I bought it to use on my old linoleum floors and then tried it on these newer floors to see how it worked. Mine is a Reliable Steamboy that I bought online. It has a triangle shaped head and came with two microfiber coverings that are washable. I like the shape of it because it easily gets into corners. I checked different sites, the recommendations, each one's features, etc. before deciding which one I wanted.

Recommended for Hardwood and Laminate Floors

I am having laminate put into my entire house and I was hoping to clean it with my new steam cleaner. I am told by Home Depot where I purchased the floor not to use the steam cleaner. My friend has laminate and dogs. She recommends that I use a cleaner that she buys at Lowe's. She sprays it on the floor and mops it dry. It cleans and kills the germs, and it is called Zep.

Check sale prices for Steam Mops on Amazon.

Be Cautious of Excess Moisture

We replaced all of our carpet with wood laminate throughout, only the bathrooms and laundry are sheet vinyl. We love the look but quickly discovered that carpet had been good at hiding dust, spots, and footprints. Our solution was to invest in an extra-large cushioned duster head with washable covers. This screwed onto an existing handle and covers four times the area of a standard dry floor dusting system (in a quarter of the time!). It lies very flat and can reach under furniture. Wet mopping is really damp mopping with laminate. Too much moisture will cause seams to buckle, so a squirt bottle of alcohol based cleaner as you dust or just a thorough rinse and wring of the washable cover does the job. Steam mops that do not wet the floor are also an excellent option if not used excessively. Just remember that the seams in laminate flooring are very vulnerable to excess moisture.

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