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Vertical Gardening in Small Spaces

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Vertical Gardening in Small Spaces

Can someone help me with vertical gardening? We have a tiny backyard, but I love to garden. A friend told me a little about vertical gardens. Can anyone suggest an easy way to get started or some resources that will help?

Vertical Gardening with Pallets

I was at a university greenhouse open house last weekend and there was an area dedicated to container gardening. One of the "containers" was a 6 x 6 pallet that was filled with garden soil while flat on the ground and then made to stand on its side to make a vertical garden. Watering comes from the top and flows down to the bottom sections naturally with gravity.

Consider Gardening by the Square Foot

Check out All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. It's a great way to garden in a 4x4 raised bed with vertical growing in the four squares on the north side of your box. He has books, a website and newsletters and sells products, too.

Visit Facebook for Great Ideas

There is a very good Facebook page called "Container Gardening Alliance" that has some great videos and ideas for container gardening.

Save on Containers Needed for Vertical Gardening

With vertical gardening, the containers used can cost a lot if you don't have much in the way of ground to plant in. Since you want to garden vertically, I am assuming you don't have much space in the ground. Five-gallon buckets are a great solution. I love mine! I have a dozen in which I grow peppers, peas, carrots, herbs, garlic, and flowers. The large (indeterminate) tomato plants get their own bed in my small side yard, which I tie up to a trellis as they grow. I'm sure a smaller (determinate) tomato plant would do just fine. You can make two to three rows in the space of one row by using boards to stack them, or building a small shelf-type unit for them. There are many ideas online.

You can get buckets for free at local restaurants. These are food-grade buckets. They are totally safe for growing plants. You can also get the resealable lids. Just stop in and let the manager know you would like to have some buckets. The buckets just get thrown away otherwise, usually after the evening rush. It may take a few trips to get as many as you need, but free is free.

Slugs and other pests usually don't get in them, and cats tend to avoid them as litter boxes, as they are like small raised beds. They warm up faster in the spring, so you can plant earlier in the season. I keep dog food and kindling in these buckets, too, and use them to carry water at camp. They would be good for holding extra dirt and fertilizer that might get damp in the cardboard box it comes in. I hope this helps!

Pinterest Has Answers to Vertical Gardening Questions

There are many great solutions to vertical gardening. When I'm looking for answers, I research on Pinterest. It's interesting to see what others have done and there are pictures as well.

Enjoy the Simplicity

You might look into an Earth Box. Check it out for some interesting planting ideas. There are no weeds to contend with, so there's little work other than a daily watering.
Rita in Bradenton

An Excellent Resource on Vertical Gardening in Small Spaces

Search for articles on It is an excellent resource.

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