This mom is looking for an inexpensive source for organic baby bedding

Cheaper Organic Baby Bedding

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Cheaper Organic Baby Bedding

I'm expecting our second baby! It's a girl! Her older brother suffers from asthma. DH and I think that she might avoid problems if we try to stay as organic as possible around the home. We want to do this not only in what we eat, but also around the home. What's the best way to find cheaper organic bedding for her? Does anyone have suggestions?

Give Etsy a Try

Check There are many stay-at-home moms that have little home businesses and some of them sell baby things. There are lots of people who prefer organic things on Etsy.
P (via Facebook)

Make Your Own Organic Baby Bedding

Crib sheets are super easy to make. Check out for organic cotton. Buy two yards using a coupon code. Seriously, even if you don't normally sew, it will be easy.
Laura (via Facebook)

All Natural Is the Only Way to Go

Using only natural materials is the way to go. Perhaps you or a friend can sew up cotton receiving blankets and sleepers and make quilts with all cotton batting inside. If purchasing, look at the content of clothing items carefully. Also look at the room's curtains and flooring also. I am assuming you are already using only natural cleaning products.

Look in Local Discount Stores

Discount stores carry organic products and many of them have very competitive prices for organic compared to regular store item. Meijer offers these items online if you don't have a local store. They are competitive in price.

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