Discarded chunks of concrete create a striking free landscape border

Landscape Borders For Free: Concrete Borders

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Landscape borders for free Landscaped Flower Bed photo from Shutterstock

Free Concrete Landscape Borders

Discarded chunks of concrete create a striking landscape border. And, you can find them for free!

First, measure the area and estimate how many chunks you'll need. Then drive around your neighborhood and look for construction sites. When you spot a pile of broken-up concrete, stop and ask one of the construction workers if you can take some of the smaller pieces for your landscape border. Usually they are happy to be rid of it.

Look for pieces that have a flat side and are roughly about a foot square. You could also break up larger pieces with a sledgehammer, but they may be too heavy to work with. Another place to find smaller chunks of concrete is at the landfill. With the landfills trying to cut back on how much garbage is dumped every day, they will charge you very little, if anything. Also, keep your eyes peeled for anyone re-doing their driveway in your neighborhood. They'll gladly give you the concrete so they won't have to dispose of it.

If you want a raised edge for your landscape border, stack the chunks like bricks to the desired height. Once stacked (no mortar necessary), you can plant draping plants at the edge so they cover the rustic look of the concrete if you prefer.

Maybe your border needs a cleaner edge. First, lay the chunks along the edge in the desired pattern. For each chunk, dig down about two feet, so the flat top is flush with the ground. It takes a little patience to get each chunk level, but the results are rewarding. You can finish the edges off with pea gravel, pretty marbles or colored stones.

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