Be proactive and you likely can get that emergency room bill reduced!

Can't Afford Emergency Room Bill: Don't Ignore It

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Do Not Ignore the Bill

Please contact the hospital and let them know that you can't afford the emergency room bill and have no insurance coverage. Most hospitals have a department that deals with clients who cannot pay and that department can usually adjust the billing to a more reasonable level.

Do not ignore this bill. Be proactive, and you will most likely be able to have the bill reduced, sometimes by as much as half. If you ignore the bills and they have to send you to collections, it is much harder to have the bill reduced. Send a letter to whomever you speak to confirm what was said on the phone. If the person you speak to is not sure how to help you get a bill reduced, ask to speak to a supervisor. Keep careful notes and be polite. Send them a payment of whatever you can afford. They would rather get a small amount each month and keep you out of collections.

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