What can you do when bees keep swarming in your home?

How to Control Swarming Bees

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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I have been trying to get bees away from my house for the last seven years. I've had the house treated five times and called the bee exterminator three times with no luck. The bees come back to the very same area. This year, after the exterminator came, I had the whole front outside wall replaced with new wood material. About four to five months later, the bees returned. I've also replaced the inside sheetrock twice. I've also tried on my own to get rid of them, but I've had no luck either. I can't afford treatment every four months. I heard from a neighbor that the previous owners had the same problem. I think there must be a way to get rid of the bees. I need help. Can anyone help?

Trick the Bees

Not sure how many bees you are getting, but when I had a bee problem, I heard to get a lunch-size brown paper bag and stuff it with grocery bags. Shape it so it is round and then tie the top with a long string. Tie it to wherever you are having the problem. Bees think it is a beehive and won't make one near it. I did this on my deck on the four corners and have not had a problem since then.
Susan B

Call a Beekeeper

Find a local beekeeper to set up boxes (hives) that bees will be attracted to and will make their home. Then they will take them away. Both of you will benefit, and the bees will not be killed. They actually are on the verge of going extinct and we need them for our ecosystem. Plus, he might give you free honey!
Deborah in Battle Creek, MI

Dish Soap Saves the Day

I don't know what kind of bees you have, or why this works, but it does. My neighbor raises honey bees. Every summer, they are in my yard by the hundreds apparently for water, since that is where we find them most. Last year, we put in a pool, and it literally looked like a highway of bees going from their house to our pool. My hubby was mad so he looked up some information. He found that Dawn dish detergent (we used just the regular blue Dawn) mixed with water is supposed to keep them away. He filled a spray bottle with a mixture of it. I'd say he had an inch of dish detergent and then filled it with water and shook. He sprayed all over the pool and deck, and within 20 minutes, all the bees were gone. They didn't come back all year either.

We spent a lot of time at the river this year and there were bees at the table all the time, especially when we ate. I started spraying the table every morning. We'd get maybe one persistent bee flying around, but he'd never land on anything and he didn't stay. I do not know why, but they sure do not like it.

Contact the Experts

First you need to obtain an accurate identification of exactly what type of "bees" these are. Are they honey bees, yellow jackets, or another species? An entomologist at your state land-grant university or your local cooperative extension agent can probably help with this. Once the insects are identified, they may also be able to provide helpful advice on permanent control measures. Just having a pest control company blindly spray for pests without knowing exactly what type of insect you are dealing with often leads to ineffective control and unnecessary expense.
Peggy P., Ph.D.

It's the Location of Your Home

The issue with the bees is not your house. Instead, it's where your house is located. We had the same issue with our old house. It turned out our home was situated on an old bee swarming path. We called a beekeeper to remove the swarm, and he placed some non-toxic pheromone in our vents. The pheromone lasted for about three years.

Unfortunately, nature does not know that our houses are in the way. Our house was a nature corridor for bees, mating koalas, possums, and birds. Noisy, but interesting!
Mand in Australia

Search Online for Beekeepers Guild

I recommend searching online for your local beekeepers guild or beekeepers organization. These people care about bees and will collect a swarm for you and relocate. Some members charge a fee, some don't. So feel free to look at their membership list, and send an email or call. These people are generally very knowledgeable about bees, and could give recommendations about your house or landscaping that may be attracting the bees.

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