Is there an inexpensive way of removing a downed tree?

Removing a Downed Tree

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Removing a Downed Tree

How do I get a tree that is down on the ground removed for a cheap price?

They'll Take It Away with a Smile

Advertise it in your local free penny saver magazine. Lots of folks have wood stoves and are always looking for free firewood. They usually have chain saws and will take it away free with a smile.

People Are Looking for Your Tree

My husband is constantly scouring for people who have trees that we can use for firewood. He'll take them standing (he'll fall the tree) or on the ground and has all the equipment and experience to cut it up to size and bring it home. Try it! We prefer hardwoods (oak and fruit trees), but we have friends who like the softer woods (pine, redwood, etc.) because of physical disabilities that prevent them from lifting heavier logs for the fire place.

Freecycle It!

There are plenty of folks on Freecycle who are using wood stoves for heat, and they post a few times a year, requesting fallen trees that they can cut up and haul back home. This is their prime season to do this, so the wood can be dried in time for winter. Go to Freecycle and find the Freecycle Yahoogroup for your local area. Or, if you'd rather go low-tech, you can put up a notice on your local supermarket or library bulletin board advertising free firewood for the chopping.
Laura in New Jersey

Woodworker's Dream Come True

If the wood is still good and it's a woodworking wood (maple, walnut, fruit tree, etc.), call a woodworking place and see if they want the wood for free if they come to get it. Years ago, my dad did this when our birch trees needed to be taken down.
Lisa in Ypsilanti

Reviewed November 2017

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