3 simple rules to reduce kitchen clutter throughout the day

Kitchen Clutter Rules

by Misty Weaver

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If your family is anything like mine, for some reason, everyone believes I'm the only one that has to take care of dishes and throw out the empty containers. Dishes are piled into the sink, then on the counter when they run out of room, with food still sitting on them. The empty milk and juice containers sit on the counter waiting for someone to scrunch them down. As I've learned over the years, it's faster to take care of things as they happen and clean things as messes occur than it is to try and set aside hours to clean the house or take care of dishes. So here are my simple kitchen rules that help us reduce kitchen clutter throughout the day rather than spending an hour cleaning the kitchen at night.

Nothing in My Sink - This means when you finish a drink, you rinse the glass immediately and put it in the dishwasher. Any dishes that have food must be rinsed and dealt with as soon as you are done eating and placed in the dishwasher. It takes about five seconds to complete these tasks. Pans are either rinsed immediately and set aside until we are done eating or rinsed and filled with water so that any stuck on food can soak while we are eating. This makes dishes easier to clean right away after dinner.

Nothing on My Counter - This is the one that's hard in my house, because as soon as one person leaves a milk container or cereal box, more trash piles up next to it, increasing kitchen clutter. Containers like milk and juice cartons have to be squished, boxes have to be torn at the seams, and any other empty food wrappings have to be thrown out right away.

If You Leave It, You Do the Dishes - I've learned that if I clean up after them, they just learn that they can do what they want. If food is left on dishes, something isn't thrown out, etc., they get to help extra in the kitchen.

That's it! Shocking that three simple rules help keep our kitchen organized and kitchen clutter under control. I can tell you it was a lot different when we would wait until the end of the day to take care of things. It would take longer, and I would always feel stressed every time I walked by the sink.

Reviewed May 2017

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