She doesn't want to iron or pay for expensive wrinkle releaser

Homemade Wrinkle Releaser

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Homemade Wrinkle Releaser

Do you know of a formula for making homemade wrinkle releaser for washed clothing, so that it does not have to be ironed? Downy® makes one, but it is too expensive.

Just Use Water!

The main ingredient in commercial wrinkle releaser is water. I got a spray bottle with adjustable spray. Using a very fine mist, I just spray the garment lightly and smooth and tug. It works great! I think if you wanted to put something like one tablespoon of fabric softener in a whole spray bottle of water, that would also add a nice smell, but the water alone works on the wrinkles.

Homemade Wrinkle Releaser from Fabric Softener

You're right that commercial wrinkle releaser is expensive and even more so when you consider you're paying mostly for water. Put two tablespoons of liquid fabric softener, like Downy®, into a standard spray bottle. Fill the rest with water. Shake. You've made wrinkle releaser. I was lucky enough to have a small sample-sized bottle of fabric softener put in my mailbox about three years ago, so while I use wrinkle releaser at least once a week, I haven't paid for it in years.

Easier When Clothes Are Warm from the Dryer

I bought a spray bottle in the supermarket. In it, I added one cup of distilled water, one cup of alcohol, and a scant cap of cheap fabric softener. Then I mixed thoroughly. By the way, I find that one of the best places to de-wrinkle is on top of a bed, but everyone has their own ways to use this. I also like to put things on a hanger and just smooth them there. I find it is somewhat easier to do this when clothes are warm from the dryer, but it works any time. This stuff is absolutely marvelous and leaves clothes smelling great and wrinkle free. Enjoy!

Stop Wrinkles before They Start

I almost never have to iron because I use a fabric softener in the wash and then put them in the dryer for only 10 minutes and then shake them hard after putting them on the hangers to dry the rest of the way. I'm pretty fussy and this works for me. I do dry towels and jeans all the way, however, and always take things out of the dryer the minutes it beeps. I have two old clean tennis shoes I keep in the dryer, which shortens drying time and reduces the wrinkling.
Nancy in Santee

Plain Water Does the Trick

I have seen several suggestions for various chemical concoctions to make at home. However, the simplest one is to find a spray bottle with a very fine sprayer, fill it with water, and keep it handy near your dryer. Hang clothes immediately when the dryer stops. Spray any wrinkles with water until damp (not wet). Put on hangers to dry.

Homemade Wrinkle Releaser from Hair Conditioner

I use hair conditioner. I mix 1/2 cup to a quart of water. Then I place a white wash rag in my mixture, take out the rag, and squeeze it, leaving the rag wet but not dripping. I then put the rag in the dryer with the clothes and dry as usual. When done, I take the clothes out and immediately hang them. This works great and saves a lot of money. I keep my mixture and the rag in the laundry room and just wet when I place in dryer.

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