Avoid lightning damage

How to Protect Your Home and Electronics from Lightning Damage

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Protection from Lightning Damage

My house has been struck by lightning twice in 11 months. Both times the security system got fried. The phone got fried also. How do I go about buying and installing a lightning rod to prevent lightning damage?

Install a Home Surge Suppresser

We had a submersible pump melt, mercury light explode, and water softeners, TVs, and satellite receivers fried. I can't remember all the lightning damage in several incidences. We got a whole house surge suppresser. The cost was about $150. We purchased it from our electric company and they installed it at no charge. For over 10 years now, we have had no more problems. Everything is insured by the surge suppresser company for $20,000. It is outside on our meter. It has two red lights and we were told to check to make sure the two red lights were on once a month or so. If they go out, we are to call our electric company.

How Lightning Rods Work

If you need a lightning rod, it would be mounted at the highest point on the house and a ground wire would be run from it down and attached to a metal post fastened into the ground (I believe). Then when lightning strikes, it would strike the rod being the highest point and run all of that energy down the wire and into the ground where it could do no damage.

Visit Site for Help with Preventing Lightning Damage

Lightning Preventor of America company (Heary Brothers) is less than half an hour away from me. Their website has lightning prevention systems on it. It's worth a look. Visit LightningPreventor.com. They claim to be "green" as well and have a do-it-yourself kit.
Angela in NY

Consider Whole House Surge Protectors

Have you ever heard of or read about whole house surge protectors for preventing lightning damage? I live in Canada and this type of protection is recommended. You'll find a website that talks about the issue here.

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