Wiper Blade Rip-Off

by Rich Finzer

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I'm sure we all remember the old Johnny Nash tune "I Can See Clearly Now." It's a nice little song. And when you're driving, seeing clearly all the time is one of the best ways to stay safe. And the best way to see clearly is to replace your worn wiper blades. Just make certain you don't get sucked into the wiper blade scam at the "instant oil change" places.

I recently had my oil changed at one of those shops, and while they were diddling around under the hood, I was told my wiper blades looked worn and probably needed replacement. I asked how much a new set of blades would cost, and I was told $35 plus tax for a new pair. After I regained consciousness, I declined their suggestion and decided to shop around for a better deal. It didn't take much effort to find one.

I stopped at a nationally known auto parts retailer run by these three energetic dudes (you know the one) and priced out a pair of wipers. A decent pair would run about $16. But luck was with me that day because they were running a sale: buy one and get the second blade at 50% off. My final price with the tax was $12.96, as opposed to $37.60 or nearly $25 less! The best part was that they even installed the new blades for me and disposed of the old ones too.

If you're aware that your wiper blades are worn out, pick up a set at the auto parts store. If you're not gifted mechanically or too short in stature don't fret, like I said, most stores will install the new set of blades for you. If you luck into a sale, buy an extra set or two. Where I live blades need replacement about every four months, following this advice could save you about $75 per year, which would probably cover the cost of two oil changes. I'll bet you can see clearly now how to save some serious cash.

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