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A Vacuum that Won't Break, For Less!

Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Selecting a Vacuum

Buying a Vacuum

I need a new vacuum, but it's not yet in the budget to buy one, so I am gathering my information for now. A couple of years ago, I had a bagless upright with a HEPA filter and I loved it, but we had different flooring then, so I don't know if what I had would be the best to use now.

We have hardwood or stone floors through the house with the exception of carpet in the children's room. I'd like something that would be versatile. Does anyone have recommendations?

Buy a Vacuum with Setting for Hard Floor

I use my upright bagless vacuum on our hardwood and tile floors. There's a setting to lower to Hard Floor (although since most of my house is carpeted, I rarely lower it). Sometimes I sweep with a broom, but when I vacuum the carpets, I also vacuum the floors. It picks up pretty good, and it is fairly quick. I use the tube for dirt in corners and along edges. We have a dog, and on the hard surface floors, we get little fur balls and the vacuum is good for those (whereas the broom seems to "blow" them around). We got our Hoover vacuum at Wal-Mart.

My Experience Buying a Lightweight Vacuum

I have a tip on what not to buy. I got my mom one of those rechargeable stick-type vacuums because they're so lightweight and easy for older folks to use, but their suction power is nil. It's fine for quick pick ups for her, but once a month or so, I have to take my big vacuum over and do her carpets for her. That type might do better on hardwood, but I haven't been impressed with them at all on carpeting.

Love My Shop Vac

Shop Vacs are great. I prefer to vacuum instead of sweep with the birds and cat hair. Just the brush head (the one with bristles on it about a foot wide) works well in between using power head for carpets. I need rotating brushes to get all the cat hair out of my carpets.

Another Shop Vac Proponent

Awhile back, there was an article in The Dollar Stretcher about vacuums that I am going to take up when my vacuum dies. I'm going to get a Shop Vac. No bags are needed and they last a long time! The article mentions that you can buy attachments fairly cheaply.
Luvd Lioness

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