Fuel Additives

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

If you were going to recommend a fuel additive to clean your fuel injectors on your truck, what would you choose and why? Have you ever used this product before? Did it do any damage to your engine (that's what I'm worried about)?

I am not normally in the practice of recommending a certain product over another. However, I can tell you that the additive manufactures (at least the ones that are diligent) perform what they call "No Harm Testing." Once they finalize development of their product and get expected results and then finally get the ratio correct so it works on enough vehicles (not all vehicles respond to all additives), they perform this no harm test. Essentially, to put it simply, they put the product in as big of a fleet they can find with a wide variety of vehicles.

They let the people go out and do what ever they normally do. Then after a predetermined amount of time, the manufacture takes a survey of the drivers and look for things that might not be obviously related to the additive. Some possible things they would look for would be if the radio stops working or the windshield wipers don't clean very well anymore. Sometimes things that don't seem connected somehow turn out to be. Those examples are obviously humorous, but you do get the point.

However, let's say that the manufacturer did test their product in the exact same model as your car. We have seen that it still may not work in your car. Some cars respond well to additives and some don't (even cars of the same make and model).
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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