Summer Décor on a Budget

by Kathy Wilson

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Summer Decorating

Now that summer is just about here, it's a great time to freshen up your home décor to provide that airy warm weather feel. But with summer vacations needing the family budget's attention, most of us could use some good ideas for decorating on a budget for summer.

  • Take down the curtains, and use cheap muslin fabric to twist and wrap loosely around your curtain rods for an airy, fresh feeling window treatment.
  • Roll up all your floor rugs and store for the summer. Your rooms will look larger, brighter, and cooler.
  • Add brighter versions of your accent colors around the room. Use colored water in bottles on windowsills, paint a few picture frames a bright color and hang garden catalog pictures, or sew up a few pillow covers for all the pillows in the house. (Including the bed!)
  • Use a large white or ecru quilt or bedspread to casually cover your sofa, and then add pretty pillows. It will brighten and freshen your rooms, and protect the sofa from the sand, dirt and salt from summer fun.
  • Pick up a faux antique wooden box at your local craft store, and set it by your door to hold the family's flip flops and water shoes. This will keep your floors cleaner, and everyone will always know where their shoes are! (Oh, and it will look cool, too!)
  • Keep the windows, glass, and TV screens clean. Most people are shocked by how much shiny glass surfaces cause their rooms to look larger, cleaner and cheerier!
  • Finally, bring a fresh live plant or fresh flowers into your rooms. Nothing brings a room alive for the season like living plants! Try potting up some of the shade annuals found in six packs in the garden section for blooms that don't have to be replaced. It's a real money saver.

With a few creative tricks, your home can feel as airy and fresh as a beach retreat, without breaking your budget!

Kathy Wilson is an author, columnist, and editor of The Budget Decorator and other popular websites. For hundreds of free budget decorating ideas, visit her at

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