Paint Color Problems

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Paint Color Problems

I recently purchased the perfect paint or so I thought until it was on the walls. It was supposed to be gold, and even after three coats, it's still yellow. Without having to repaint again, is there anything I can do? Maybe water down gold paint and put on a wash or something along those lines? It is a big room and it's already consumed a lot of time. Please help with any suggestions. Anything would be helpful at this point. Thank You.

Faux Finish Can Mask Color

There are many options you can use rather than repainting the whole room. Visit the Sherwin-Williams website. You'll find several faux finishes and it will give step-by-step directions.

I have personally used the metallic, combing, ragging, sponging and crackle techniques. I thought that they were all pretty easy, but I loved the metallic the most. I think it would be the best for your situation. If you added the gold over the yellow, I think it would soften it and make it appear to be a two-tone gold. The worst that could happen is you'd have to paint it over anyway. The metallic paint comes in about a quart-sized container and it's not cheap, but it goes a long way! I think I paid $15 for it and had some left over. Depending on the size of your room, you should only need one jar. I hope this helps!
Christine in Baltimore, MD

It May Be the Lighting

If fluorescent lighting in the room is one of the variables, switch from cool white to warm white tubes. This may make a remarkable difference.

Create a Focal Point

Go to a fabric warehouse and find some patterns or colors that compliment or contrast with your yellow paint. Buy some very large frames and simply stretch the fabric either around (to cover the frame itself) or in the back (to let the frame show). You could do three different shaped frames of the same fabric and they would be the focal point of that wall. Leave them blank as trendy "color blocking" or use them as bulletin boards for family or landscape photos. (I'd stick to black and whites to keep the visual focus on your color theme.)

According to the color wheel, to create a more "gold" feeling out of "yellow," you will need something in the red family. An orange red will make the room very warm while a blue red (like magenta) will give it a cooler impression. Bring your paint color card with you to the fabric store. Better yet, paint a large piece of paper or something so that your eye has something more spacious at which to look. A fabric store should give you a "swatch" of various selections to take home with you for free just to truly see it in the room.

Another trick would be to switch to Natural Spectrum light bulbs and see what change you get. These light bulbs more closely resemble the light from the sun, which is always more flattering.

Rag Wash Walls

Get a can of brown paint and slowly add it to your yellow paint until it is somewhat golden brown. Then take some of the mixture and add water until it becomes fairly soupy. The more water you add, the thinner the mixture will be. In your case, you want it pretty thin to just give the wall a little dimension. Make sure to keep track of how many parts you add, in case you need to mix more. Dip a cotton rag into the mixture and squeeze out excess so it doesn't drip. Then just wipe on the wall, over the yellow, as though washing. Adjust your strokes according to the size of the wall or room you are painting.

For cheap paint, look at the "oops" paint at Home Depot, which is usually around $3/gallon. Or call your local paint stores and ask what they do with their mis-mixed paints. More than likely, they donate them to a thrift shop or reuse center in the area where they will also be on sale for $2-$3 per gallon.

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

Now here is something I know about. Getting the right colour and look is difficult, but experimenting is easy and often you end up with something better than what you'd imagined.

Get some clear glaze in a high-gloss finish at Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. Then get a small craft-sized bottle of metallic gold paint at a craft store or Wal-Mart. Tint your glaze with the paint, and use as a colour-wash over the existing paint you have. Apply it randomly with a brush, a rag, a sponge, or the applicator of your choice. The idea is just to get it on the wall and move it around until you like the look.

You may like this better than an even paint finish, since it will be much more interesting. For additional sparkle, try mixing in some clear glitter (it looks white in the package) with your glaze. Have fun!

Alter Color with Wood Stain

A friend of mine had the same thing happen. The color was too yellow. She bought wood stain (there's many colors from which to choose), put it in a squirt bottle and sprayed the wall with one hand and used a cloth in the other hand to spread it around and work it into the wall texture. She used a dry cloth every once in awhile to lift the stain as well. It turned out to be a beautiful golden wheat color faux painted wall.

Play with Lighting and Accent Wall

Before spending more time (or money) on painting, play with different lighting in the room. Different types of lights can cause the paint to appear as different colors. Bring in some lights from other rooms and see if a different type of light/light bulb can bring out the gold cast of the paint.

If not, a color wash could work, but it would probably take more time to get it to look "right" than repainting. They make it look easy on television, but they're professionals! Before painting the whole room again, purchase a quart of paint and paint one wall with another color to see if you like it.

The one accent wall painted with a darker color might even influence the appearance of the other yellow walls to look more gold. One wall and some lighting could make it look like the gold you want.

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