Homemade Cleaning Erasers

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Homemade Cleaning Erasers

I was hoping for help from the Dollar Stretcher readers. I've tried the new cleaning erasers and they are wonderful at removing marks from just about everything, including crayon from the walls. Unfortunately, at about $2 for a box of 2, it gets very costly, and they don't last more than a couple of uses, even for small jobs. Can anyone offer another alternative?
Lisa C. in Oceanside, CA

Art Gum Erasers

For many years, I have used simple art gum erasers for cleaning marks off walls, heel marks off of vinyl tile or flooring, cleaning textured surfaces, even taking marks off of leather shoes. They work great and can be purchased inexpensively at any art supply store. Try it. It works!

Try Ammonia and Liquid Dish Soap

I make most of the cleaners for my housecleaning. However, when my children suddenly became "wall artists," I tried the cleaning erasers in hopes of avoiding repainting. They worked great, but I hated not knowing what they contained. I read the box and found a warning not to use with chlorine bleach. This is a sure sign of ammonia as an ingredient. So I tried warm water with some liquid dish soap and ammonia. I went after the crayon and marker drawings with a rag and my new mixture. The results were just as good and a lot cheaper.

Great Alternative at a Dirt-Cheap Price

If you are looking for a great alternative at a dirt-cheap price, mix baking soda and vinegar together. The fizz will clean anything! I scrub my 40-year-old linoleum floors with this mixture, and it cleans the dirt and grime right out of all the ruts. For real nasty dirt, stains or build up, let it sit for a few minutes. This is a safe alternative to any chemical cleaner, as it will not hurt children or pets.

Tennis, Anyone?

Try using a tennis ball to "erase" marks. This works especially well on hardwood floors.

Shaving Cream Saves the Day

Well, this isn't exactly an eraser, but I work in a daycare and crayon and marker spots covering entire tables are not uncommon. When a project is done, I spray on shaving cream and let the kids play. When I wipe up, the table is almost always clean! The air gets freshened also! A friend told me that she found that spray-on Right Guard removed just about anything from her walls!

From Mark to Minty Fresh

Toothpaste can be used to remove marks including crayon.
Quin in Minnesota

Seek Out Coupons

Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? I have done this before and found that if you give them a lot of praise on the product and sign up for their customer lists, they will send you free products, samples and coupons. I have already received one sample and I am pretty sure it included a coupon for another. Using coupons on the product, especially at stores that double or triple, could allow you to get the product for a few cents.

A Little Goes a Long Way

I cut them with sharp utility scissors. I'll cut each of the "bars" into thirds, making six erasers out of the original two. You could even go with fourths for smaller jobs. You do not need a four or five inch bar to clean a spot off a wall! This extends the life of your box dramatically.

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