Garden Décor Ideas

by Monica Resinger

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  • Johnny Jump Ups planted in small, galvanized buckets looks so charming!
  • Plant half whiskey barrels tightly with strawberry plants.
  • Scarecrows are not only useful, they are decorative.
  • Check your nearest dollar store for really cute and cheap garden decorations! They also have seeds sometimes 10 packets for $1.00.
  • Make a rustic trellis by nailing or screwing branches together in desired shape.
  • Tip a flowerpot (any size) over and have soil spill out of it. Plant flowers in the soil for a charming spilled pot look.
  • Old bowling balls can either be spray painted desired color or left as-is and used as a garden sphere that is so popular in gardens. If you do not have a bowling ball, check the thrift stores or yard sales to get one cheap.
  • To spruce up a plain garage or house wall in the garden, nail strips of wood onto the wall in a paned-window shape. Paint desired color, add a window box full of planted flowers, grow a flowering vine over it, or even hang silk flowers over it.

Monica Resinger is a loving wife and doting mother of two who enjoys gardening, painting, dancing and homemaking.
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