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Homemaker Help?

I am 24 and have just recently gotten married and had a baby. Like many young people out there I have never been taught how to do housework, cook, etc. Fortunately, I am a very good mom and that comes naturally. How do young people like me learn what is 'basic knowledge' to most people? Are there resources out there for learning how to schedule cleaning? Or simply how to grocery shop for a family? I'm overwhelmed and I don't want to give up. Every day, I have a disaster of sorts like putting regular dishwashing liquid in the dishwasher, etc. Believe it or not, there are a lot of young people in my same position. Please help us. I have the desire to learn and be a good wife and mother.
Thank you, S.

Little Book, Big Ideas

One awesome tool that I have used is a book by Emilie Barnes, entitled Simply Organized that is wonderful to help you organize your daily tasks. Not only that, but she tells you how to schedule your whole year's worth of chores so that you never forget a task. Its just a little book, but is packed full of useful ideas.

Flylady to The Rescue

I highly recommend the web sight www.flylady.net. She has everything you need. I am 29 and learning so much that I myself didn't know how to put it all together and keep it going smoothly in my home. She is awesome and highly recommended!

Wisdom through Experience

When I first had to start caring for a home and baby, I too was overwhelmed. I think that everyone has to go through that! The way I finally got organized was to write down every single chore I had to do that week. Next I took out a calendar and broke up the chores to certain days and times. I did dishes every day (that included bottles and sippy cups!) to keep up. After a few weeks I began to know what chores to do when and I actually had extra time to spare! I also did a lot of cooking on the weekends (when my husband was home to watch our son) and froze dinners for the week so I didn't have to worry about cooking dinner every night. I also kept all of my cleaning supplies in a bucket that I carried around room to room so that I did not have to go looking for cleaning supplies when I was in the middle of something.

An example week was as follows:

  1. On Monday, launder dark colors, sweep floors, wash floors, and do dishes.
  2. On Tuesday, launder whites, change beds, clean bedrooms, and do dishes.
  3. On Wednesday, launder light colors, do dishes, and clean bathrooms.
  4. On Thursday, plan meals for the week, grocery shop, run errands (plan every stop before you go out!), and do dishes.
  5. On Friday, clean bedrooms, do dishes, clean family room.
  6. On Saturday, cook dinners for the week, and do dishes.
  7. Finally, on Sunday, do the dishes.


Another Helpful Book

There is a book out called Home Comforts, The Art and Science of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson, which I think, would be very helpful.

Martha Stewart Wants to Help

Do you belong to a church with older women who are friendly and willing to help? The wise ones recognize this as a widespread need among us younger women, and would be a real resource.

Also, Martha Stewart and all her helpers have made it a point to feature "Homekeeping" as a regular part of her Website. There is an abundance of info on basic housekeeping tasks there. It's bailed me out several times! You can find it at: www.marthastewartliving.com There's a section, too, called "Learn."

Resourceful Web Site

Check out http://organizedhome.com

Free Class

Here is one idea that might help. Check with your Local University Extension Service for a program called E.F.N.E.P. (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program). We have one where I live and I took the classes. They are free and have a teacher that will come to your home and teach you about food, nutrition, how to cook, and many more things to help you be a better mother. They teach you to use items you currently have on hand to make a dinner. I really enjoyed it. I think it could help you too.

A Great Book

When I moved out someone gave me a great book called Where's Mom Now That I Need Her by Betty Rae Frandsen, Kathryn J. Frandsen and Kent P. Frandsen. It is a great book. The beginning goes into nutrition, measurements, how to pick fruit and veggies and how to store them, how to pick meats and store them, how to read labels, and different homemade cleaners. The middle of the book is filled with cooking recipes. The end of the book has a section on doing laundry, simple first aid, what to do when you are sick plus some basic car and bicycle maintenance.

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