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Problem Pet Hair

Lots of Dog Hair

Help! We decided to let our new puppy become an inside dog and now my house is full of puppy hair! My fabric sofa is covered in it and it doesn't vacuum up very easily. The kids just adore having her in the house with us. Does anyone have any suggestions for my soon-to-be outside dog?

Helpful Cleaning Product

I have a bullmastiff and he seems to shed a lot no matter the season. I searched the Internet about shedding. I found the stuff called Shed Relief by Lambert Kay. It helps a lot! A 1-quart bottle is anywhere from $16-20, and found pretty much at any pet store.

Keep Dog Hair off Furniture

Of course you will want to train your puppy to stay off the furniture. One way I did this was to lay sheets of heavy-duty foil on the chairs where you are not sitting. My dog jumped up twice and never again.

As for the fur, static electricity is what makes it stick. I have a spray bottle filled with water and a few tablespoons of fabric softener. I lightly mist the furniture then vacuum. This breaks the static electricity and allows most of the hair to come of easily. Use a lint roller to remove the hard to get hairs.

A Sponge Like No Other

I have two long hair indoor/outdoor cats. After loosing the "shedding battle" repeatedly, I finally found a product that really works, is cheap, and lasts! It is a pet hair remover sponge . This sponge is like no other I have seen. It quickly picks up pet hair from any surface. It also works great on lint and dust removal from clothing, upholstery, screens, carpeting and wood. I even dampen and rubber band my pet hair remover sponge to my mop and drag it around my non-carpeted floors to pick up loose cat hair. It has worked great for many months now and I am very pleased with its results.

Good Quality Vacuum is a Must

A good quality vacuum will pick up the hair with ease. We recently bought a "Filter Magic" and found out what a difference a good vacuum can make. We even had the Kirby salesman convinced we had a better vacuum. It is so much easier now to just vacuum up the hair from floors, carpet and upholstered surfaces, rather than using lint brushes or tape as in the past. In addition, the Hepa filters and charcoal filters on the vacuum prevent dust from escaping back into the air, which keeps the air cleaner and less dusty!

Can't afford a pro? Give do-it-yourself dog grooming a try.

Simple as a Wet Washcloth

I have two dogs, a teacup Maltese (doesn't shed much) and a sheltie (you know what they say about shelties...they bark and they shed!). I take a washcloth and wet it and use it to dampen my hand. I run my hand over the furniture (or the bed sheets or the bedspread or even the rugs on the floor) and the hair just rolls up in clumps. It is then very easy to pick up and throw away. Your puppy will be much happier inside with the rest of the family. Hope this helps you with your problem.

Combing is the Solution to Dog Hair Problems

The doggie hair problem can certainly be overwhelming at times, but having your pet in the house with his family is well worth the extra picking up. A good deal of my two grown son's favorite childhood memories involve adventures with the family dogs. Priceless, happy, silly, carefree memories. Try to remember that while you are sweeping, brushing, etc!

Here's a suggestion from the "mom" of 3 inside, long-haired dogs: comb their hair, as often as possible, with a pet rake, comb or slicker brush whichever works best for the animal's coat. As far as I know, you cannot comb them too much! As a dear friend once said to me, "You comb your hair everyday, don't you?" Hopefully, your kids will want to get in on the action.

Also, there are food supplements that are quite effective in controlling shedding troubles. Brewers yeast and Lipaderm are my two favorites. Aside from these suggestions, nothing picks up dog hair off of cloth as well as a damp, terry cloth hand towel. I, sometimes, do this quickly over the furniture if company is coming and I want to be sure there is little evidence of dogs. Some folks just don't understand.

But my biggest suggestion is that you make a choice: a perfectly clean house (not really realistic with kids and dogs, now is it?) or a little messy, slightly hairy, vaguely chaotic home. Someday soon, much sooner than you can possibly imagine, your home will be spotless and in order. It will most likely, also be child and dog free. Nothing lasts forever. Embrace your children and all that comes with making them healthy, happy and feeling loved.

High Quality Food Lessens Dog Hair Problem

I can sympathize with your problem. I have a lovely golden retriever/chow mix and she has lots of hair and has shed a lot in the past. A few months ago at the recommendation of a friend, I switched from her normal dog food to Iams. My vet told me that the "higher quality foods such as Iams" really help cut down on shedding. You can actually see the oils in the food that help to build a healthy and glossy coat. My dog's coat has become absolutely beautiful since changing her food. (used Pedigree previously). The dry food is good, but the canned made a really dramatic difference. The food is a bit more expensive, but is well worth it when you discover some of the fillers and ingredients that are put into lower quality foods. Iams is also available at many grocery stores.

On the other side of the shedding dilemma, I recently purchased a new sweeper. It's a Eureka Whirlwind Bagless. They are advertised on TV as being the best for pet hair and I totally agree. I used to have to vacuum every day. Now twice a week is more than sufficient. The carpets look so much cleaner with this vacuum. It's terrific. Between the food and the vacuum, the sneezing and the dog hair coating on the carpet and furniture has disappeared.

Use a Little Olive Oil

Place a tablespoon of olive oil on the top of the dog's food. This was a suggestion given by my vet and works great! It doesn't hurt the dog at all (in fact, they love it!). There is less hair on the couches to vacuum!

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