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I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a way to get rid of night crawlers short of putting up a "Worms For Sale" sign. I have very large night crawlers. The holes are big enough for my little finger to fit in and the castings or whatever that they leave on the surface are bigger around than a silver dollar. They make the ground so lumpy and uneven that walking is difficult and mowing is a real treat. It is sort of like mowing out in the pasture. Hoping someone has a solution.

Money in Harvesting

I don't know where you live. But here in southeast Idaho, there are several companies that buy night crawlers. They will sell you a solution that you put in a big barrel and fill with water. Then you dump it on your lawn in the daytime when the lawn is not overly dry. In a few minutes, the night crawlers come out. Then you can gather them and sell them by the pound. Lots of people here make extra money by doing this. After a few times and quite a few extra dollars, your lawn will improve.

Get Ideas from the Experts

I would contact a garden center or bait shop to see if they can help take them off your hands. If they aren't interested, you could also contact someone at Rodale Press, who puts out "Organic Gardening" Magazine, and see if they can point you in the right direction. With earthworms that size, your soil must be like black gold.

Fishermen's Fantasy

If you have some fishermen in the neighborhood, tell them about the problem. After a heavy rain at night (or soak the lawn real good with a hose), the worms will come up into the grass to mate. The "worm-hunters" go sneaking with a flashlight and grab them up. You have to be quiet and gentle on the ground or the worms will feel your footsteps and go back underground. My husband and sons do this and it's fun to see them creeping around in the dark stalking the worms. By the way, lucky you. You're getting the best fertilizer around for free. Worm castings are a fantastic soil conditioner

Your Garden's Best Friend

Worms are your garden's best friends! I recently attended an organic gardening workshop sponsored by the county of my residence (Los Angeles) and I discovered that worm castings could be one of the most beneficial ways to fertilize your lawn and garden. The castings are far superior to commercial products without harmful effects on the environment.

I would suggest you speak to a local organic gardening expert or do some research, and find a way to control them so that you can either utilize them in your own garden or profit from harvesting the castings to organic gardening associations or gardeners.

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