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Stainless Steel Scratches

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Stainless Steel Sink Scratches: Remove or Repair Scratches?

Is there any way to remove or repair scratches on the bottom of a stainless steel sink. We just bought a new expensive Kindred sink and accidentally scratched the bottom in several places.
Thanks for your help.

Stainless Steel Sink Scratches: Great Results with Cameo

I use a product made by "Cameo" on my stainless steel sink. I bought my house in 2000 after it was built in 1980. Same sink from all indications and it looked sad. I bought the Cameo Stainless Steel Cleaner (they have many products - copper cleaner, porcelain clear, etc). After one application, and some elbow grease I don't feel the need to buy a new sink anymore.

Stainless Steel Sink Scratches: Very Happy with Bar Keepers Friend

I don't know how much the sink is scratched, and I don't think there's a miracle cure. I want to recommend a product that cleanses & polishes at once: Bar Keepers Friend. If you have any questions or comments you can reach the Servaas Laboratories at 1200 Waterway Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46202 or 1-800-433-5818. Web site is

It is found in the Comet/Bon Ami section of your grocery store. Price is about twice as much as Comet, but you need little to do a job. It works well when used as a cleanser such as Comet or better yet, use it wet/damp, let it dry & then buff it off. You'll notice that water beads in the sink right after cleaning/polishing it. It works better than the special bottle cleansers sold specifically for smooth top stoves. I no longer purchase those cleansers at $10 a bottle when I'm better satisfied with BKF.

editor's note: Bar Keeper's Friend is a favorite in our house!

Stainless Steel Sink Scratches: Words of Advice

You didn't say whether or not you had a polished finish, but I'm going to presume that you did. Nor did you say if the scratches were really deep or just cosmetic.

If just cosmetic, first try Bar Keeper's Friend (you can find it in most grocery stores cleaning products section). This was originally developed for cleaning the metal surfaces in commercial restaurants and bars and does a super job of removing rust and polishing out minor corrosion, pitting and scratches. Trick is to try and follow the approximate polishing pattern that was originally used in your sink. If it were 6" circles, then polish in 6" circles. If it appears diagonal - do the same.

If your scratches have gone below the surface - go to Pep Boys or similar automotive store, look in the body work department and get a rubbing compound and the finest grit automobile sanding paper you can find. You want the wet sanding paper in say 600 grit. First try the rubbing compound, following manufacturing instructions, again following the original polishing pattern of your sink. If you still have scratches, you will need to wet the sanding paper, begin lowering the surface (gently and slowly) just until you can barely see the scratch any longer, then follow with the rubbing compound.

Not an easy or quickie job, but it can be done. I've rescued literally hundreds of scratched stainless steel sinks in rental units using the same methods.

Stainless Steel Sink Scratches: Elbow Grease and Chrome Polish is the Answer

The reader needs to buy chrome polish and use it by the directions on her sink. This is usually used to polish chrome wheels, bumpers, etc. Also, a polishing compound can be used. You can usually find this in a department store. Sometimes the chrome polish is sold there too. We recently had a stopped up drain in the kitchen in a stainless steel sink. Due to the various drain openers and acids we used, our sinks were badly discolored and etched. Two uses of the chrome polish saved our sinks! A scratch-free, shiny sink is only a little elbow grease and chrome polish away for this reader!

Stainless Steel Sink Scratches: Call the Manufacturer First

Please, before you do anything at all, call the manufacturer of the sink! They will have the correct solution for the problem, and you won't have taken a chance on making a mistake they can't fix later. The vendor where you bought it may be a good source also. But generally the manufacturer is the best.

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